Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Gospel in a peculiar..yet pure form

So i had the privelage of going to a concert last Thursday. The performers were members of the 116 clique (based on romans 1:16 where Paul says he is unashamed of the Gospel). These people
included Canon, C-Lite, Trip Lee (one of my favs) and of course the featured rapper Lecrae. So i've seen live music before but usually at acquire the fire whether it as a student or a youth leader. But i've never actually "went" to a concert. And since all i listen to is Christian Rap i was especially excited to see some of my favorite artists perform. It was in the Columbus newport music theater right on high street on the campus of THE Ohio State University.

When we got there we decided we would stand in the 'mosh pit'. I tweeted that night that i was getting too old for the mosh pit! (Yes i'm only 26 but still haha). All in all i had a great time with some great friends that i don't get to see alot anymore.

But what i want to really talk about...is the Gospel in a peculiar yet pure form. Hundreds of people ranging in ages 13-30ish gathered to enjoy a particular music type but something else happened. A large group of people used something very different (Christian Rap) to glorify and exalt the Living Savior. I've been to worship events such as ATF, and Spirit Song at King's Island, and other things that happened at Chillictown...but this seemed to be very different. It seemed much more PURE.

By PURE i mean it didn't seem forced and it seemed as though there was much authenticity to it. Whether it was rapping along with the Biblical lyrics...or the occasional hook that felt like much more worship then rap...People genuinly were in tune with God and worship.

But the most important thing was that people were excited about Jesus. They were genuinly excited to rap along with a well known artist about their savior. It was like being in the reverence of the Lord...yet also gathering together with friends and brothers in the Lord and getting pumped up like you would watching football.

We all have our own styles, preferences, and worship beliefs. Some don't like music period. Some believe worship only happens with an acoustic guitar....others would include drums and a piano or whatever. Well what i'm starting to see more in more is that Worship is giving praise to your Savior while being excited about it! Worship isnt something you should force. The good news of Christ should excite us! And if that for you is going to church on Sundays and worshipping to hymns then Glory to God! If for you that is going to a headbanging skillet concert then awesome too.

Ultimatley, the Gospel in its purest form...is understanding...appreciating...and loving being a follower of Christ...and being excited about life now...and the eternal life to come. How do you do that?!??!


  1. I had no idea there were mosh pits at rap concerts. I just can't picture it.

    But I like what you're saying about the Gospel in its purest form. Being excited about Jesus & the relationship we share we Him. That's what it's all about.

  2. well it wasn't like a crazy woodstock moshpit haha but it was pretty cool...at the end lecrae jumpemd in it...but again i think i am too old now lol